Cemetery Rates

Willow Glen Cemetery Association
Post Office Box 299
Dryden, NY 13053-0299

March 1, 2018

NOTICE: The New York State Cemetery Board has approved rate increases for Willow Glen Cemetery which will be effective for all deaths and purchases occurring on or after March 1, 2018. The new prices are listed below.

Interments Charge
Adult Grave Opening $ 750.00
Infant grave under 3½ Feet Long $ 200.00
Cremated Remains from NYS Crematories $ 575.00
Cremated Remains from Other States $ 580.00

Of full burial $1400.00
Of cremated remains (for relocation on same lot in WGC$  100.00
Of cremated remains to be removed from cemetery $ 300.00
Additional Charge on Saturday $ 300.00
Funeral Processions entering after 3:30 PM $ 150.00
(Above applies Monday thru Saturday)

Note: 1.) No burials will be made on Sundays,
Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day.
2.) Please try to avoid Saturday afternoon services.

Lot Prices Charge
Per Grave Space including permanent maintenance $ 800.00
Two Grave Lot $1600.00
Three Grave Lot $2400.00
Urn Garden for two urns $ 500.00
Baby Land $ 200.00

Monument Foundations
Note: All monument and marker installations including Veterans Markers require an advance application on a form provided by the cemetery. Approval and advance payment are required prior to installation of the foundation or marker. Contact the caretaker for an installation request form prior to any agreement with your customer.

All upright monuments add 6″ to length and $ 0.60 per square inch
width and multiply by 60 cents per square
inch surface measurement.

Bronze Flush markers Minimum charge with concrete $200.00
Note: $100.00 per square foot above 2 sq. ft.

Granite Flush markers set in the sod $125.00
Note: $50.00/sq. foot above 2 Sq. ft.


Winter vault storage for burial in other cemeteries $ 50.00
Tree and shrub planting each $ 25.00
Record search minimum $ 15.00

Robert Bernhardt, Caretaker (607) 229-5301 cell or (607) 898-3515 home
Bradley P. Perkins, President (607) 844-8161