March 20, 2024

Dear Funeral Directors,

Attached is the 2024 price sheet for Willow Glen Cemetery. There is a new charge for second use of grave. This applies when cremated remains are added to a grave that contains a previous interment. Also included are a few Interment Information Data sheets to be used when you have an interment for Willow Glen. This information should be as complete as possible and must be delivered to the cemetery with the burial permit or cremation certificate before a burial will be allowed. You also will need to have a voice conversation to plan an interment just as you always have done in the past. The interment information is to supplement the information that can be seen on the burial permit/cremation certificate and is data that we keep on file for each interment. This also helps the cemetery know who a current contact is for the lot being used. The Interment Information Date Sheet can also be downloaded as a .pdf from here. Please call the cemetery if you have any questions or need clarification about any issues.

Best regards,

Brad Perkins, President